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Mauicacaoii Specialty Processed Original Blend 32 Oz

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Our opening deal price for the Aloha in your cup!

 Our coffee supplements your health and our profits support Aloha Legacy- a nonprofit whose mission is to save the legacy of Hawaiian heritage and culture.  Out 32 Oz bag is for the Hawaiian coffee lover who really wants to make a difference for their health, our Kanaka, and of course, still save money for the Maui visit! 😉

Share it with a friend, and let them know you found the secret of Maui. You'll be helping our local community and sipping a cup of coffee that's so special, that it makes a difference for your health and Hawaiian Culture! 

Our original blend is comprised of 5 unique flavors which brings Maui to your home. Discover why our ingredients make our coffee the most healthy in any household. Our original blend features: 

Cacao:  The fresh beans are ground with the cocoa skin still attached which preserves all of its phytonutrients and provides an earthier flavor than what you would find from typical grocery store brands

Maui Mocha Peabody:  A hint of chocolate and flowers.

Macadamia:  The taste on the island and a taste of Aloha.  As they say in Maui “Macadamia makes everything Mo Betta.”

Kukui nut:  This nut has a special relationship with the ancient Hawaiians.

This nut was used to light the village and the shoreline.  It was also used for medicinal purposes for a myriad of health problems.  Today it is in the oil that is used to make poke.  It is the wonderful taste that everyone who loves poke enjoys.

And finally Moringa (in Sanskrit Marungai):  This plant/tree is a superfood and a powerful substance to extend life.

Consumer warning: Not recommended for coffee drinkers who have nut allergies or are allergic to other ingredients listed. Not recommended for those with sensitivity to caffeine, those who are pregnant, nursing, or with medical chronic conditions that caffeine may upset. *****This[ese] statement[s] has[ve] not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"